• What type of molding services do you offer?
  • Is all work done at your facility?
  • What type of secondary or assembly options do you perform?
  • Can I send my existing injection mold to you?
We can help to bring your project from concept to completion. We can design and prototype a new part, build a custom mold, manufacture, and assemble your plastic part all under one roof. Our company can provide a turnkey manufacturing solution whether you are starting from scratch or transferring an existing production mold.
Plastic Goods has the capability to design and build almost any part required for any mold. The majority of our projects are completed fully in-house, however we also have a network of proven quality vendors that can be used should they better meet a customer's needs.
We are your one-stop shop plastic injection molder. We provide a turnkey manufacturing solution with automated or manual assembly, packaging, decorating, welding, cleaning, and heat staking. In addition, we partner with many local vendors to perform any additional steps you may be looking for to bring your product to market quickly and efficiently.
Yes. Our engineers will help facilitate the move of the mold from its current location, qualify the mold, and can make repairs if necessary to achieve the quality standards you are looking for.
  • Can you mold around inserts or metal components?
  • What are your plant operation hours?
  • How much does a plastic injection mold cost?
Yes. Plastic Goods can add inserts fully automated, semi-automated, or manually, depending upon your time and budget constraints.
We have a 3 shift operation and run 24 hours a day, 5 days per week, and some weekends. Our flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to the ever changing schedule for many of our customers.
Complexity of the mold, including part design, size, and number of cavities and materials used all have major impacts on the overall cost of the mold. Mold costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple design to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complex, multi-cavity, multi-action, hardened steel mold.